1. The role of abdominal sonography compare to clinical Alvarado criteria in diagnosis of appendicitis 
  2. Brain CT scan findings in epileptic patients referred to Kermanshah neurological clinic 
  3. Quality of life in diabetic patients referred to the Diabete research Center in Kermanshah 
  4. The effect of different oral dose Diazepam on preventing seizure in Febrile Convulsion 
  5. The application of cognitive behavioral therapy on Leventhals’ model for improving quality of life in multiple-sclerosis patients 
  6. The comparison of findings obtained by brain magnetic resonance imaging in schizophrenic and non-schizophrenic patients 
  7. A meta analysis and systematic review of the unintended pregnancy prevalence in Iran (1995-2008) 
  8. Intravenous lidocaine on intraocular pressure in cataract surgery patients under sedation 
  9. Plasma Homocystein elevelsin subjects with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and non- DVT 
  10. Electrocardiographic changes in healthy and preeclamptic pregnant women 
  11. The comparison of height for age index with normal distribution in Eslamabade-Gharb students (2007-8)
  12. Angiographic complications of vascular surgery in Imam Reza Hospital in Kermanshah 2010-2011 
  13. Comparison of quality of life in people who stutter and normal individuals
  14. The study of epidemiological indices of Tinea Pedis in patients who referred to medical mycology lab of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences 1993-2010 
  15. Comparison of homocysteine levels in amniotic fluid and simultaneously blood serum between severe preeclamptic women and control group 
  16. The prevalence of pre-menstrual acne among Kermanshah women (2007) 
  17. The study of height anomalies among secondary school students in Bayangan 
  18. Color Blindness in Male Drivers Referred to Samenol-A'emeh Clinic (2005-2008) 
  19. Comparison between the Effect of Lecture and Question - answer Methods on Learning Outcome and Satisfaction of Physiology Course among Medical and Pharmacy Students 
  20. Critical Thinking Disposition among Medical Students of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences
  21. The Relationship Between Distributive Justice and Health Indicators in Iran 
  22. Designing and Constructing an Intelligent Software for measuring the Health of Pregnant Mothers Exposed to Danger 
  23. A Comparison of fluoride Density of Islam Abad Drinking Water with that of Standards in the 80s 
  24. Mercury Content of Canned Tuna Fish Marketed in Iran 
  25. A survey on the knowledge level of adolescent students About life skills