مقالات سال 1393


1.    Assessment of rural women empowerment level and its relation with demographic and structural factors in KermanshahIran, 2012 

2.    Efficiency of Multi-Walled  Carbon Nanotubes in Adsorbing Humic Acid from Aqueous Solutions

3.    Evaluating efficiency of H2O2 on removal of organic matter fromdrinking water 

4.    High frequency of Helicobacter pylori DNA in drinking water in Kermanshah, Iran, during June-November 2012 

5.    Ovarian Malignancy Probability Score (OMPS) for appropriate referral of adnexal masses


7.    Removal of Humic acid from synthetic water using chitosan as coagulant aid in electrocoagulation process for al and fe electrodes

8.    Studies on removal of cyanide from aqueous environments using aluminum electrodes

9.    Studying the efficiency of biological aerated filter (BAF) with oyeter media on improving the quality of effluent produced by treatment plants


1.    Blood Transfusion Practice before and after Implementation of Type and Screen Protocol in Emergency Department of a University Affiliated Hospital in Iran 

2.    Evaluation of time management behaviors and its related factors in the senior nurse managers, Kermanshah-Iran 

3.    Identification and Analysis of Labor Productivity Components Based on ACHIEVE Model (Case Study: Staff of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences) 

4.    Performance Catalytic Ozonation over the Carbosieve in the Removal of Toluene from Waste Air Stream

5.    Prevalence of self-medication among the elderly in Kermanshah-Iran. 

6.    The Effects of Glyceryl Trinitrate Patch on the Treatment of Preterm Labor: A Single-blind Randomized Clinical Trial 

7.    The relationship between playing computer or video games with mental health and social relationships among students in guidance schools, Kermanshah 



1.    Efficacy of psychodrama techniques in internalizing symptoms (anxiety, Depression and somatization) among adolescent girls victims of bullying in Kermanshah 

2.    Equity in access to health care using geographic information system: A Kermanshah case study 

3.    Happiness in Health Sector Personnel: Some Demographic and Occupational Related Factors 

4.    Quality of leisure time in women resident in marginal neighborhoods and its relation with health related quality of life 

5.    Catalytic ozonation of pentachlorophenol in aqueous solutions using granular activated carbon 

6.    The study of child maltreatment in family and its impact on behavioral problems in high school students in Kermanshah 


مقالات منتشر شده در سایر نمایه های تخصصی



1.    Mental Health of Woman Married to Smokers: The Role of Spouse Forgiveness and Relationship Quality

2.    Reasons for Referrals of Children Less than Five Years, Kermanshah, Iran

3.    A Study of the Deployment of Rural Health Insurance & Family Physician Programs and their Correlations with the Quantity and Quality of the Services Offered by the Kermanshah-based Health Care Centers

4.    Association between Personality Traits and Social Laziness: Case Study: Staff of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in 2014)

5.    Clinical outcomes of coronary angioplasty: focus on Major Adverse Cardiac Events (MACE) and stent type

6.    Review of Articles Related to Responsiveness as a Characteristic of Quality of Life Instruments

7.    Influence of Dust Streams on the 222Rn and 220Rn Activities in the Lower Atmosphere in Kermanshah, Iran

8.    Seasonal Variation in Air Quality of Kermanshah City in Terms of PM10 Concentration over a Four-Year Period (2008-2011)

9.    The Effectiveness of Group Positive Psychotherapy on Improving the Depression and Increasing the Happiness of the Infertile Women: Clinical Trial

10.  The dermatophytes species frequency in referral patients to medical mycology lab of Kermanshah-2012

11.  The Measurement of Nitrite and Nitrate Contents of Tomato from the Vast Plain of Kermanshah State of Iran

12.  The relationship between alexithymia, irrational beliefs, positive and negative emotions with mental disorders

13.  The relationship between personality traits (self-differentiation and resilience) and the individual characteristics, family functioning and economic status with mental health among women with diabetes II in Kermanshah

14.  The Relationship of Between Personality Characteristics of Neuroticism, Psychosis, Extraversion and Resiliency to Attitude on Addiction and Drugs Abusive



16.  The Study of the Effectiveness of Office Automation Deployment in the Administrative Staff’s Productivity (A Case Study of the Employees of the Medical School of Kermanshah-Iran)


1.    A Compa rativ e Study o f Social, E conomic , Cult ura l and Spatial In eq ualities a cross Urban

4.    Assessment of hospitalized patients fall out of bed in hospitals of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

5.    Assessment of mortality rate and causes of death in Ghasreshirin hospital, during 2000-2010

6.    Association between HbA1C value at the time of diagnosis and response rate to treatment in children with type I diabetes mellitus

7.    Association of Academic Performance with Outcome Expectations and Its Domains in Nursing and Midwifery Students at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

Consumption pattern of lipids and the factors affecting their selection among families in Kermanshah (2011)

9.    Development and Validation of Sleep Disturbance Questionnaire in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

10.  Distribution of groundwater nitrate contamination in GIS environment: A case study, Sonqor plain

11.  Effect of adding celecoxib to a single dose of gabapentin on postoperative pain relief

12.  Effect of biodegradable organic matter concentration on phenol removal rate from oil refinery wastewater using anaerobic pond system

13.  Effect of Fasting on Mental Health in the General Population of Kermanshah, Iran

14.  Effect of Molasses on Phenol Removal Rate Using Pilot-Scale Anaerobic Reactors

15.  Effects of Raloxifene and GnRH-a on VEGF expression in cultured human uterine leiomyoma cells

16.  Explanation of self-differentiation in accordance with attachment styles and alexithymia

17.  Factors associated with Total Fertility Rate (TFR) In Kermanshah-2011

18.  Gender Differences in Patients' Beliefs About Biological, Environmental, Behavioral, and Psychological Risk Factors in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

19.  Effect of health education on promotion of physical activity in housewives who refer to health centers of Kermansha

20.  Health-related quality of life of women in marginal areas of Kermanshah and some related factors

21.  Is there a relationship between core body temperature and changes of endotracheal tube cuff pressure?

22.  Lost Key of Social Security in Informal Settlement (study of Dawlatabbad informal settlement of Kermanshah)

23.  ندازه‌گیری کارایی فنی بیمارستان‌های دانشگاه علوم پزشکی کرمانشاه با استفاده از روش ناپارامتریک تحلیل پوششی داده‌ها (DEA) 1390-1384

24.  Performance of the Facultative Stabilization Pond in Removing Phenol from Oil Refinery Effluent

25.  Psychometric properties of the 34-item Body Shape Questionnaire in students

26.  Quality of Ambulatory Education from the Viewpoint of the Clinical Medical Students at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in 2013

27.  Relationship between brain’s CT scan findings and consciousness level, surgical findings and outcome of the patients with traumatic intracranial hemorrhage

28.  Synoptic Analysis of Spring Frost of Eslam Abad-E-Gharb (Cold spring, 1989 and 1993)

29.  مقایسه میزان آلکسی تیمیا در بیماران کلیوی، دانشجویان و پرستاران کرمانشاه (1391)

30.  The Effect of Morphine Dependency on Serum Levels of Trace Elements (Copper, Zinc, and Manganese) in Male Rats

31.  The Effects of Population Density on Theft in Urban Areas (Case Study: Kermanshah, Iran

32.  بررسی کارایی پامیس حمایت شده با فلز مس درحذف آلاینده تتراکلرواتیلن از محلول‌های آبی 

33.  The Efficiency of Electrocoagulation Process Using Iron Electrode in Removal of Humic Acid from Water in the Presence of Chitosan as a Coagulant Aid

34.  سنجش رابطه‌ رضایت شغلی با کیفیت زندگی مرتبط با سلامت در معلمان شهر گیلان‌غرب در سال 1392 

35.  نقش مشارکت محلی در ارتقاء امنیت اجتماعی از دیدگاه مردم کرمانشاه